The Senior Lifestyle System helps elderly parents and their children privately share lifestyle information, enabling seniors to feel safe and live longer independently at 理财投资产品home. This application uses the latest generation of sensors, communication technologies and smart cloud algorithms.

    Senior behavior pattern recognition
    When does Grandma get up in the morning, eat breakfast, or watch TV? When does she leave and come back? Within a few weeks, the application learns what is "normal" vs. unexpected, and sends an alert when something is wrong or irregular.

    Alerts on exceptions
    When the system identifies irregular behavior or exceptional situations, it notifies family or caregivers via an alert on their smartphone or messages on social media platforms like WhatsApp or QQ. The system always keeps family members informed wherever they are.

    Unobtrusive and respects privacy
    The system does not use cameras or require people to wear devices.

    Long-term trends
    The Senior Lifestyle Service also provides information about longer-term behavioral trends, such as sleep patterns, eating less frequently or starting to move slower over time.

    Senior Lifestyle Systems

    The Family@理财投资产品home Service helps monitor your 理财投资产品home and loved ones, providing peace of mind, comfort and security for today's busy families. The system is a simple and inexpensive application that doesn't need programming. It consists of a collection of sensors that can easily be installed in the 理财投资产品home, connected to the web via the 理财投资产品home's internet connection and managed with a smartphone.

    Family Lifestyle Applications

    Family behavior pattern recognition
    Are the children 理财投资产品home from school at the expected time? Did someone leave the back door open when you went to work? Is the family pet safely inside the house? Did someone leave the air conditioner on with the window open? Is the bath overflowing or the washing machine leaking? These are the kinds of questions that the family lifestyle application proactively addresses.

    Combined with smart 理财投资产品home services
    This new smart service combines sensors for monitoring family activities with a variety of automated 理财投资产品home applications such as temperature and climate control, 理财投资产品home monitoring, lighting systems, and appliance control. One system does it all.

    Incorporates sensing and geolocation technology
    This solution also incorporates sensing and geolocation technology from key fobs, door contacts, smartphones and occupancy sensors, to provide a larger understanding of where family members are, what they are doing and when they will be 理财投资产品home.

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